Daniel Holdings

About Daniel Holdings
Daniel Holdings is a closely held group that owns and operates various business entities in North Carolina.  Our businesses are involved in rail and truck logistics, warehousing, grain merchandising, and farming.  We also invest in land and commercial real estate assets.  Our portfolio companies include STS Logistics and Warehousing, Bailey Feed Mill, Inc., and Danhaven Farms LLC.  We are focused on making strategic investments in the agriculture and industrial sectors.  

Our Expertise
With decades of experience in logistics, transportation, and all things in the agricultural sector,  we have developed an understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges within this landscape. We utilize our intellectual capital and financial resources to identify promising investment prospects.  

Investment Philosophy
We believe in the immense potential of agriculture as a vital industry for sustainable growth and global food security. Our investment philosophy centers around partnering with innovative companies and entrepreneurs who share our vision. By providing capital, strategic guidance, and access to our network, we empower our portfolio companies to thrive and make a positive impact on the agricultural ecosystem.  

Areas of Focus

Daniel Holdings specializes in investing in a wide range of sectors, including:

Warehousing and Logistics
We recognize the importance of efficient storage and streamlined logistics in the supply chain. Our investments in this sector aim to optimize distribution networks, ensuring efficient movement of goods.

Crop Production

From traditional farming practices to cutting-edge agricultural technology such as precision farming and data analytics, , we foster efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in crop production.

We recognize the critical role that land plays in agriculture and its long-term value. Our investments in land focus on strategic acquisitions with landowners. By expanding our land portfolio, we support sustainable farming practices, promote conservation efforts, and create opportunities for agricultural development.

Real Estate
We understand the importance of well-designed and strategically located facilities for the industrial sector. Our investments in real estate focus on acquiring distressed properties that could serve as potential logistical hubs and distribution facilities.

Contact Us
If you are a company or individual interested in our areas of focus, we invite you to explore the potential of partnering with us. Contact our team today to discuss how we can collaborate to drive growth and create value.

Our Team

Douglas Daniel

Douglas Daniel is responsible for the logistics and operations of our companies. He has been involved in the business since childhood. Douglas holds a degree in mechanical engineering from NC State (2002). Outside of work, Douglas enjoys deep-sea fishing and takes pride in supporting his three children's activities, including dance, horseback riding, and baseball.

Albert Daniel

Albert Daniel is responsible for plant design and operation. He has been involved since childhood. He holds a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering from NC State (1998). Outside of work, Albert enjoys deep-sea fishing and spending time with his 3 boys and 2 girls through baseball, football, hunting, fishing, and going to dance competitions.

Jennifer Daniel Boughman,
Human Resources

Jennifer Boughman is responsible for all HR aspects of the companies.   She obtained her undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and has been actively involved in the business in various capacities since graduating. Jennifer has volunteered her time at Village Christian Academy, serving on the board. Throughout the years, Jennifer has found immense joy and fulfillment in being a full-time mother to her three boys, participating in soccer and deep sea fishing.

Neil Skinner, CFO

Neil Skinner is responsible for all financial aspects of the companies.  He joined the group in 2007. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from NC State and a MBA from East Carolina University. Neil is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Outside of work, Neil enjoys spending quality time with his family. He engages in activities such as fishing, playing golf with his two boys, and coaching them in soccer and baseball.

Al Daniel, Founder

Al Daniel is the founder of our organization, known for his pioneering contributions to the grain merchandising business. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Al has made a significant impact in the industry. A self-made success story, Al's roots in farming have shaped his journey. Drawing from his deep understanding of the agricultural landscape, he has built a thriving business. Outside of his professional endeavors, Al finds fulfillment in farming. He enjoys spending time at his farm, connecting with the land and embracing the joys of agricultural life. Al Daniel's pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication have laid the foundation for our organization's success.